Just as a woman's heart knows to pump and her lungs to inhale,

she knows how and when to give birth


From as early as I can remember, I've had a passion for health, a fascination with the human body, and a desire to help and care for people at their most vulnerable.

It was no wonder then, after growing up nurturing sisters (five to be exact) through periods and break ups, that I went on to study Nursing, and became a registered nurse five years ago.


Nothing prepared me for the awakening that came when I met my husband and I experienced pregnancy and birth for the first time ... it was a tidal wave of passion and I'm only just learning how to ride it (three boys later)!

During my own pregnancies I attended HypnoBirthing classes. It was nothing like I or my (rather pessimistic) husband expected and it completely changed my attitude and the way I thought about birth. I adopted the philosophy during all of my births and had the most incredibly empowering birth experiences. My first in a birth centre and the next two at home. I knew then the value of HypnoBirthing, what it taught me, and how important it was for women to be birthing in a calm environment defined by them; where they can truely relax. 

Sharing this incredible way of birthing is what drove me to become an Educator myself. As of October 2019, I became a certified HypnoBirthing educator through the HypnoBirthing Institute of New Zealand. 

I also thought long and hard about whether to train as a midwife, but knowing how hard the hours of a midwifery career are and obligations necessary to maintain registration, I decided it would put too much pressure on me and my young family. But I still wanted to offer women the support that I know is lacking in a lot of their experiences. 


That's when I looked into becoming a Doula. When I first heard the word Doula I thought “a whata?”  I had never heard of it and to be honest, the word itself sounded weird. After a bit of research, I started to get excited though, because it actually sounded like just what I was looking for! Looking back, I realise I've had six unqualified doula's at every one of my beautiful hypno-births, Just as I had for them. Women who were there specifically for me with my comfort in mind, were my voice when I had no words, and who helped me trust my own birthing instincts.


Empowered birthing should be accessible to everyone...



" The thought of there being women wanting, but not having that, has inspired this venture. I am so excited to be able to help families through the most exciting and life-changing experience that is birth."

I support families to make their own choices, whatever they might be, to determine the outcome they desire.

I support: 

Hospital births | Home births | Birth centre births | Caesarean births 

And any variation of the above. As long as the choice is yours, and you have been empowered with evidence based information to make that choice then I'm here to support you through it.


I support freedom of choice and freedom from cultural discrimination, whatever your culture is. I support:

All races  | All religions | Same sex couples | Single mothers | Teen mothers 

And any variation between.

In my role as a Doula, I offer support to women and their partners, before, during and after childbirth. My role is to help facilitate safe, positive and empowering birthing experiences by offering the information, emotional support and physical support needed during this time.

I recently trained with DONA international, and am working towards gaining my certification. I need to attend three births as an 'official Doula' and be signed off before I become certified. I am offering these births for no fee/Koha so get in touch to confirm your place.  

I genuinely look forward to meeting you so don't be shy in reaching out.

- Margot B.



Hoe-O-Tainui (18 minute drive from Morrinsville)

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I'll be in touch soon!